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What would you achieve if you could put your material syndication on Auto-pilot and rank material and videos while you sleep?


You want a method to obtain ahead of the competition in a long lasting and scalable way.

With IFTTT 2.0 you’ll have the ability to spend less time working on you and your customer’s SEO while profiting of safe and durable backlink techniques that work while you sleep.

Numerous in the SEO world understand how difficult and time consuming backlink generation and material syndication can be. You are going to discover exactly how you can save hours and hours of your time, create more earnings, and take advantage of a technique that will securely rank your material and videos all over the place!

Business have actually paid us hundreds, and thousands, of dollars to have these kinds of content increasing systems constructed for them – and you’ll have the ability to know exactly how they are made and replicate the procedure in no time.

Additionally, you’ll be in the business of other enthusiastic SEO’s, marketers, and material syndicators, in an exclusive (and personal) community, sharing suggestions and tricks to assist you get even more from your IFTTT networks.

IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0


See Exactly How To Master These Methods

Not just will you see how IFTTT Networks can automate your SEO needs, however you’ll get access to accurate, step by step, video and written training that will let you (or a VA!) build these networks fast.

Other training in the internet marketing world is “incomplete” or “near to finish” – however our precise training program has complete screen recordings of EVERY action and is upped to date when changes take place – you will not be left aiming to figure it out on your own!

You Cannot Afford To Ignore Evergreen Content Syndication


Sell Networks For $$$ – These IFTTT Networks or “Syndication Networks” sell for hundreds or COUNTLESS dollars to clients!
Clients Desired It – Makes fast and simple outcomes with less effort; something customers like!
Conserves You Money and time – Set up when and it works while you sleep!
Boosts Your Traffic – Get targeted traffic from lots of places by means of IFTTT Networks
Increased Your Lead Generation – Having more content, more powerful websites, and “being everywhere” implies YOU will get more leads
Content Syndication Functions – “Being Everywhere” is a necessity in today’s online world


IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is a 6 module comprehensive training course.
You will learn how to create IFTTT Networks that will help you
Dominate search results.


#1 Updates Updates? Yup – Semantic Proficiency keeps this training approximately date. As changes come, we find solutions and share precisely what has to be done to stay on top.
Whether it’s the tools we utilize, the accounts we develop, or the steps included – when there’s a modification you’ll be provided details fast
On Time Updates – We upgrade fast.
Easy To Adapt – Solutions provided step by step
Single Area – You know precisely where to go for updates and brand-new videos.


#2 Setup Start with the fundamentals and ensure you are SECURELY building networks that will not get shut down or penalized. Do you when to clear your browser or how to empty your cache the right way? We show you precisely how.

Free Tools – We show you precisely the tools you have to make the process fast and easy … and they are complimentary!
Remaining Safe – In-depth walk through of making sure you produce networks safely – no huge restrictions here!
Browser Configuration – See precisely how to set up your browser to make the development of your networks safe and fast.


#3 Account Creation Step by step information on the best ways to produce the lots of effective accounts that consist of authority Web 2.0’s, Social network sites, and more!

In-depth Overview – We reveal you EXACTLY ways to create account that LAST and grow more powerful with time.
Usage Google Residence & MORE – You’ll lean the best ways to take advantage of Google Plus, Blogger, Twitter, & more!
Safely Open Email Accounts – Create gmail and other email accounts securely – others battle to do this easy job and suffer!


#4 IFTTT Connection Now that you have actually got the accounts you have to properly connect them for optimum automation utilizing IFTTT.

Link Properly – Training includes precise and in-depth connection approaches so you do not invest hours attempting to find out what works best.
Attribution Links – See exactly the best ways to set up IFTTT for the best attribution links that will increase your content!
Powerful Dishes – Get access to our private recipes and put them to utilize for your own networks.


#5 Advanced Training Advanced training to assist you get the most power from your networks – ideas and techniques that will supercharge your content.

Finest Practices – Anyone can connect an RSS feed – do you know ways to get the most from it?
Tiered Networks – Greatly increase the power of your syndication!
Video Syndication – Discover exactly how you can get videos to rank and STAY on the very first page of search results!


#6 Application Naturally you can use IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 to improve your WordPress blog material. However did you learn about the many other aspects where you can use these strategies? Learn in this module!

PBNs – Power up your PBNs and make them safer and more powerful!
Video Marketing – Increase videos like never prior to for solid rankings and customer lead gen!
Online Reputation Management – One of numerous financially rewarding ways to reap the benefits of IFTTT SEO!



You’ve got material that needs to rank, clients that needs more power for their sites and blogs, and you’re tired of chasing after the “latest and greatest”. You want a strategy that will work for the long term and produce results. IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is what you require. Durable outcomes, safe rankings, and power.
The Content Marketer
Working for a number of customers? Do you have your very own firm? IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is ideal for you! Giving you the best techniques to produce long term and long lasting outcomes that don’t cost countless dollars or take months to see outcomes.
The Business Owner
You have actually got your business to have the tendency to. You need an SEO strategy that will work however doesn’t use up a great deal of your valuable time. You know you need a safe and long term SEO strategy and IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 is just what you require. Do it yourself or have a staff member do it for you! It’s that easy.
The Reputation Manager
You have your customer business’ (and your own) reputation in your hands. Use the power of the homes inside IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 to rank them, push those “undesirable” results down and dominate the very first page of Google. You can also enhance your customer’s social properties so that they get more engagement and 5 star ratings.

Here’s What You Are About To Receive With Your Here’s What You Are About To Receive With Your

Bonus 1: Powerful Live Webinars
Live & Private – Exclusive Up to Date Information When you Need it!
Ongoing – New updates, methods, and more EVERY month!
Bonus 2: IFTTT SEO Group
Exclusive – Only for IFTTT 2.0 members like yourself!
Power Of A Mastermind – Scientifically proven to boost skills, networking, and more
Bonus 2: Livestreaming Sites
Easy To Setup – More power for little additional time!
Additional Syndication – More properties to boost your content!
Bonus 3: Advanced RSS Tactics
Powerful RSS Tricks – Combine RSS feeds, create new feeds, and more!
Free Plugin & Script – Our custom made plugin and scripts to make your RSS feeds even more powerful and save time!!
Bonus #5, 6, 7, and Beyond: Inside

Start Now – Join all of us today! Get access to all of the bonuses above including these surprise ones!
Not Just 1 Bonus – We’ve got some great surprises waiting for you!


You Missed Out On This Awesome Launch Bonus…(24 hours only)
Dominate Video Rankings

IFTTT SEO Academy2.0

Our team at Semantic Mastery is comprised of SEO and marketing experts with lots of experience utilizing YouTube to gain business exposure.

YouTube videos are valuable when it concerns spreading the word about your services and products, and they can even help establish you as a specialist in your industry.

Sure, you might spend hours, days, and even weeks scouring the web to learn ways to set up your very own video channel as well as do a few fancy extras to make it more appealing and simple to navigate.

We desire you to take advantage of our cumulative experience to be successful without all the B.S. that sucks your time, cash, and energy.


But You Can Still Join Us In IFTTT SEO Academy2.0 And Take Your Content Syndication, Rankings, & Revenue To Another Level!


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